SLTRY [Solitary] is a 21 yrs. old upcoming Dj & producer from Germany, ready to leave his mark in the world of electronic music

His Tracks have already been released on well-known labels and platforms such as Spinnin‘, Trap Party, Future House Cloud and many more, where they were streamed hundred thousands of times. Even big names such as: Cheatcodes, Brohug, David Puentez, Yves V supported his music by playing in their sets and radio shows.

His journey also led him to play at huge festivals and clubs where he performed alongside people like Eastblock Bitches, Hugel, Mike Candis and other. It even led him to Croatia where he played at the club Papaya – referred as the 6th best club in the world!

In the future you can expect a lot of great performances and of course, new music!

This is SLTRY.

Get high on music.


Here’s a little selection of my music. Interested in hearing more? Check out my other platforms for all my latest tracks. Enjoy! SLTRY.

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Join me on my journey

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