Music From The Heart

Who is SLTRY?

SLTRY (Solitary) is an upcoming Dj & Producer from Kiel Germany. Bringing you banging Sounds diffrent genres such as House, Future House, Trap & Future Bass!


Since he was a young kid SLTRY loves to listen to his family making music. Very soon he expirimented with all kind of instruments and genres. One day he randomly found a program which you can use to create music with his pc. This is where all started.


Today SLTRY is performing in famous clubs and on festivals and releasing music with other Producer such as Uplink on big channels & labels such as Spinnin‘ Records.

Team Sltry

Contact me:

SLTRY (Ken) DJ / Producer

contact me:

Mo man behind the scene

Partners & Sponsors

Zeitsprung Media
Hafenmusik - DJ & Producerschool

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